Month: January 2016

Self-organized struggle instead of democratic puppet Theatre

arntz04The ruling class increasingly reduces the democratic Rights which were granted to us so “mercifully”. Naturally one must stand up against repression. But it is pointless to defend democratic rights against the democratic state. This would only mean to defend ones illusions in democracy against the democratic reality. For democracy is nothing more then a political form of capitalist dictatorship. The Freedom of the Press is nothing more then the right of media-capitalists to sell their own opinions as public opinion. Freedom of speech can only exist for all when all printing houses etc are socialized and managed by a collective of free producers. Our proletarian class has no access to the resources of social power under capitalist dictatorship; political freedom can only mean the right of all politicians to organize themselves. But the organisation of politicians as the political puppets of capital is always an organisation against the working class. (more…)