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Self-organized struggle instead of democratic puppet Theatre

arntz04The ruling class increasingly reduces the democratic Rights which were granted to us so “mercifully”. Naturally one must stand up against repression. But it is pointless to defend democratic rights against the democratic state. This would only mean to defend ones illusions in democracy against the democratic reality. For democracy is nothing more then a political form of capitalist dictatorship. The Freedom of the Press is nothing more then the right of media-capitalists to sell their own opinions as public opinion. Freedom of speech can only exist for all when all printing houses etc are socialized and managed by a collective of free producers. Our proletarian class has no access to the resources of social power under capitalist dictatorship; political freedom can only mean the right of all politicians to organize themselves. But the organisation of politicians as the political puppets of capital is always an organisation against the working class. (more…)


Syriza against the Proletariat

The role of right and left nationalism, as an ideology which separates the working class, is and was evident in the relationship between Germany and Greece. While the German nationalists agitated against the “bankrupt Greeks”  living on the “hard-working Germans”, the Greek Left nationalists of Syriza picked the slogan “Merkel or Greece”. The loans from IMF, EU and ECB were presented as generous gifts by the rightwing German nationalists. In reality Athens of course had to pay interest and austerity left the economy ruined and drove Greece proletarians into misery. Syriza displayed their nationalism in their slogan: “Merkel or Greece”. Greece, meaning Greek national capitalism. The Greek nation is an apparent community of capital and labour, which is being damaged by German imperialism. Greece is being weakend by austerity and destabilized by the growing impoverishment of the proletariat. When Greek politicians use the slogan “Merkel or Greece”, it means: Greek bourgeoisie, we will always fight for you against foreign imperialism! “Merkel or Greece” distracts the proletariat in Greece from its true class enemy: Capitalism.  The proletariat have become the new infantry of Syriza, the new ruling puppets of Greek national capitalism.
Large parts of the Left couldn’t see anything bad in slogans like “Merkel or Greece”.

The Hope of the european left: Syriza and Podemos (more…)